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  • Tuned/Untuned | کوک/ ناکوک

For santur, tombak and electronics


  • Sonic Archipelagos

For symphony orchestra and interactive spaces

Commissioned by Orchestre Métropolitain

In collaboration with The Port of Montreal and BLVD




  • ​​​A Transfigured Solitude | تنهایی دگرگون

For solo violin

Commissioned by Festival Des Artes de Saint-Sauveur

In collaboration with Orchestre Métropolitain de Montréal

  • Soundscapes in the Mist | چشم اندازهای صوتی در مه | Edition 2020

For small bells, bass flute, and eleven strings



  • ​​​Of the World, Dust Remains | از جهان غبار می ماند

Interdisciplinary performance for piano, choir, Iranian ney, daf ensemble, contemporary poetry and painting performance

Premiere: Shiraz | January 2019



  • ​​​Retro | وارون

For piano, bells and pre-recorded audio


  • Retroreflections | پژواک های وارون

For carillon, chamber ensemble and live electronics

premiered at the Westben music theatre | Campbellford. ON. 

Conductor: Roozbeh Tabandeh | July 2018

  • Reflections | پژواک ها

For solo piano




  • Soundscapes in the Mist | چشم اندازهای صوتی در مه | Edition 2017

For seven small bells, Iranian Ney and string orchestra


  • Thresholds of Dream | آستانه های رویا

For timpani and symphony orchestra

premiered by OSI symphony orchestra

Conductor: Cristian Gort | Montreal | April 2017


  • The Third Script | خط سوم

For string orchestra

Premiered by Ensemble Arkea

Conductor: Dina Gilbert | Montreal | January 2017




  • New Snow | برف نو

For Iranian santur and string   quartet

Premiered by Bozzini string quartet

Montreal | April 2016


  • Nobody's Land | سرزمین هیچ کس

For Iranian santur and waterophone




  • Iranian Garden | باغ ایرانی

For Clarinet, Viola, Contrabass and Iranian Santur

Premiered by: Nava quartet | Montreal | February 2015 




  • In Nobody's Words | به زبان هیچ کس

For acapella choir




  • Iranian Trilogy | سه گانه ایرانی

For string quartet


  • Chargah Prelude & Sunrise | مقدمه چهارگاه، طلوع

For Iranian Kamancheh and string orchestra




  • Timeless Moments | لحظه های بی زمان

For violin and string orchestra

A transfigured Solitude - Violinist: M. Mallette
00:00 / 08:40

Solo Violin Part

00:00 / 06:36
  • Iranian duet | دونوازی ایرانی

For violin and viola



  • Dasht-é Asemani | دشت آسمانی

For Iranian national orchestra




  • Mirage | سراب

For Iranian national orchestra



  • 2nd prize winner

        Finalist du concours de conférences de la SQRM

       Société Québécoise de Recherche en Musique | Montréal | Canada

  • Guest speaker
    Shiraz international music festival 2019| Shiraz | Iran

  • Composer in residence | Artistic director

       Premier of the interdisciplinary stage work: Of the world, dust remains

       Shahre Aftab Arts and Cultural Association | Shiraz | Iran



  • Composer in residence | Artistic director
    Westben Art festival 2018 | Campbellford | Ontario


  • Guest speaker
    Canadian New Music Network | Forum 2018 | Victoriaville and Montreal



  • 1st award winner
    OSI composition competition, 3rd cycle 
    Being held by OSI symphony orchestra in collaboration with

       Concordia University | Montreal


  • Finalist
    Ensemble Arkea composition competition, 5th cycle  

       Arkea string ensemble | Montreal



  • Concept to Realization Grant: production of album Soundscapes in the mist   
    Canada Council for the Arts



  • Frederick Lowy Scholars Ph.D. Fellowship   
    Concordia University

  • Professional Music Project Recording Grant   

       Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec



  • CUSRA Research Award  
    Concordia University


  • Gregory John Barker Award
    Concordia University


  • Garnet Menger Award
    Concordia University



  • Curatorial Contemplations on the Conditions of Sound Arts in Diaspora
    Article published in TURBA: The Journal for Global Practices in Live Arts Curation vol. 2, Issue 1, 
    United States


  • Soundscapes in the Mist
    Music album published with Petrichor Records Lable | Canada, United States




  • Alexander Scriabin, a life in conflict
    Article published in Concordia Journal of Art History: CUJAH, vol. XIV, Apr 2018 | Montreal


  • New Snow
    Score published in Zangar Music Journal, vol.2, summer 2016 | Shiraz, Iran

  • Orality and music
    Article published in Zangar Music Journal, vol.1, spring 2016 | Shiraz, Iran


  • Timeless Moments
    Music album published with Shahre Aftab Lable | Tehran, Shiraz, Iran

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